Cisco Phone System

Cisco is well known as a leader in communications and networking technology. They offer a range of phone systems designed to improve productivity and save time and money for businesses and organisations. Featuring a range of helpful applications, real time collaboration technology and a simple to use interface, they’re ideal for any business looking to improve their communication. Make use of the latest in telephone technology, including HD voice, video, VoIP, local and remote calling and more. Choose a Cisco Phone System for your business today.

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cisco business edition 7000

Popular Cisco Systems

We work with the following Cisco phone systems:

  • Cisco Business Edition 7000

Cisco’s Enterprise scale phone system. Features enhanced mobility, messaging, contact centre and conferencing in a flexible and modular package. Perfectly scalable and easy to use, it’s an innovation in communications technology that will support your business well into the future.

  • Cisco Business Edition 6000 Series

Designed for small to medium size businesses, the 6000 series features high mobility communications, both wired and wireless, as well as messaging and routing. With advanced functionality for video, call conferencing and VoIP, the 6000 and 6000s systems are great for small, medium and large businesses.

Why Choose Cisco

Cisco phone systems utilise the latest in communications technology and are perfect for the growing business. With support for five users all the way into the thousands, there’s nothing stopping you from taking your business all the way with Cisco. With a focus on reliability, flexibility and future focused innovation, choose a Cisco phone to improve productivity, reduce complexity and decrease costs today. Not sure which system is best for your business? Talk to the experts at Quick Compare today for a free quote.