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If you’re looking to upgrade your old business telephone system to an NBN VoIP phone system, quick compare can help you find the system that suits your needs best. With more than a decade of industry knowledge behind us we can compare features for you to find the perfect VoIP phone system. Simply by inputting your business details our team will provide you with three phone system quotes, each tailored to suit your business. Fill out the form and get your free quote today!

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What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a system that allows you to make phone calls and communicate over the internet. From a technical view, it turns audio signals into digital data, operating over your NBN internet connection. From a basic view, it’s just like making a voice or video call on Skype or FaceTime and can make a huge difference if your business relies on communication to function.

Why Get a VoIP Phone on NBN?

More and more Australian businesses are switching to the NBN and VoIP these days. NBN, VoIP and digital telephone communications are the future, providing improved security, boosting productivity and reducing overall costs. By using high-speed internet instead of traditional phone lines, VoIP phones can provide more reliable connections, high-quality audio and a wide range of advanced communication features. Additionally, most VoIP systems can make an impact on the efficiency of communications, as they are less prone to drop-outs and are easier to use than traditional systems. Getting an NBN VoIP phone system for your business could be the best decision you make for your business.

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NBN VoIP Options Available

When it comes to NBN VoIP phones there are a couple of options. Standard UNI-D VoIP allows you to make landline calls over the internet and will allow your business to communicate with no problems. Alternatively, if you have access to Fibre to the Premises NBN you will have access to UNI-V VoIP, the advanced, superior version of UNI-D VoIP. It is worth looking for a UNI-V system if you are able to, as it will provide you with dedicated bandwidth for voice data, meaning your phone system won’t be competing with your internet data traffic.

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