PBX Phone System

PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, simply refers to business-grade phone systems. Specifically, systems that offer key voice features such as extension dialling, business hour settings, hold music, automatic call assistants, waiting queues and call conferencing. Any phone systems that feature functions specifically designed for business communications come under the banner of a PBX.

A PBX phone system can take your business communications to the next level, helping you save money, time and effort by streamlining telecommunications and making it easy for your staff to do what they need to. Many systems these days are almost infinitely customisable. If you’re looking to integrate video conferencing, staff working remotely, advanced call recording and data management, analytics or any other function, it’s almost guaranteed there is a system provider that can offer it. Alternatively, choose a locally managed or customisable PBX and you can add functionality yourself.

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Cloud Based PBX

Many modern businesses are opting for cloud based PBX phone systems. These systems allow businesses to run a VoIP based telephone system remotely and connect to it over the internet. This can reduce maintenance and set-up costs, reduce downtime and make upgrading simple, as all this is handled by the service provider.

Which PBX is Right for My Business?

There are a huge variety of PBX phone systems available, ranging from small local and cloud based systems to large enterprise sized systems supporting thousands of users both locally and remotely. Many people opt for IP PBX systems these days, as opposed to analogue systems, as they are flexible and scalable, with the ability to grow as your business does. Additionally, as they operate over your local WiFi, IP PBX systems can support HD audio and many other advanced communication functions.

The difference between systems lies in the features provided, number of users supported, flexibility and scalability and overall quality of the phone system. As there are hundreds of options, finding the one that best suits your business can be difficult, even overwhelming at times. If you’re choosing a phone system for your business, it is helpful to have a third party with experience in the industry analyse your business and choose the BPX phone system that best meets your needs.


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