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VoIP phones are the future of business communications. Easy to install, set up and use, VoIP can help you revolutionise your business communicates internally and externally. If your business is connected to the NBN, you can start using VoIP as soon as tomorrow! Not sure where to start? Talk to the experts at Quick Compare today! With more than a decade of industry experience behind us, we will compare and contrast VoIP phone systems Melbourne to find the best plan for your business. Simply enter your business details and our team will get to work. One of our technicians will contact you shortly to help you get started! Enter your details and get a quote today.

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Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems Melbourne

  • Ability to outsource phone system hosting, reducing costs and complexity

VoIP systems can either be hosted locally or on a cloud server. An externally hosted system both costs less and is easier to run than standard systems, as your hosting provider will take care of the system for you.

  • Easy to install and upgrade

VoIP systems run over the internet, rather than phone lines, meaning all you need to use it is a fast internet connection and VoIP compatible phones. Many phones can even be converted to VoIP compatible phones with adapters.

  • Completely scalable. Grows with your business

As VoIP systems are digital, they can be upgraded almost limitlessly simply by registering phones in the system. Many VoIP phone systems also include support for remote phones, such as mobile handsets and off-site phones.

  • Provides additional advanced features compared to traditional phone systems

Video conferencing, call recording, HD audio, autoresponders and virtual phone assistants, along with many more features are available as part of most leading VoIP phone systems Melbourne. Talk to our team about the features your business needs today.


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VoIP phone systems are suitable for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to propel your business into the future with VoIP, our experts can help you. Fill out your details now and our technicians will compare and contrast leading options to provide you with a fantastic deal on a great phone system. We can also provide advice and information on options available and help you make a decision in regards to your business’s communication future. Apply for a free quote today!

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